Brainstorming Techniques to Come Up With Strong Topics for Your Sport Psychology Dissertation

Sport psychology is a broad subject. It draws from interdisciplinary field such as psychology, physiology, and biomechanics among others. Since the subject is vast, choosing a dissertation topic from the field can be daunting. The following brainstorming techniques can help you make the choices:

  • Time travel
    You may want to go back in history and find out how you can deal with the different concepts in sports psychology. You can also look at the future and find out how the field will have evolved.
  • Role storming
    This technique allows you to put yourself in the shoes of other people. You can, for instance, consider how different people in the field have been impacted by the evolution of sports psychology. Also, focus on a specific gender or people from different races.
  • Filling gaps
    Here, you can identify gaps in sports psychology and find out how they can be filled through research. You must identify two points and list some of the things that can link them.
  • Group ideas
    Hold a group session and request your peers to come up with ideas. As they give you their suggestion, you are likely to list some of the most creative ones for your dissertation.
  • SWOT analysis
    You can identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a given topic. This is particularly important when you are torn between various options and thus trying to narrow down to a particular topic.
  • Reverse thinking
    Dissertations ought to be unique and original. As such, you can think of what everyone may typically do in a situation and opt for an opposite path.
  • Shrink and expand
    You can get an idea, exaggerate and find out how many gaps can be filled through literature. On the contrary, you can narrow down to the finest details in a subject to find a topic.
  • Challenger
    At this point, you can come up with assumptions and challenge each of them. For instance, if you are writing about the relationship between counseling and enhanced performance in sports, make an assumption that there is a correlation between the two aspects. You can then challenge it by asking questions such as- why must counseling lead to enhanced performance. Is it everyone in sports who needs to be counseled to engage their performance? What skills are required in the process? The answers to these questions will help you identify a good topic.
  • Medici effect
    This refers to coming up with ideas from unrelated fields and situations. The writer will hence find out if there are common aspects in all the fields. For instance, focus on the impact of psychological ideas in different field such as education, religion, policy making. Henceforth, find out if there are any common impacts and choose a topic based on the findings.

All in all, by using various brainstorming techniques, it is possible to narrow down to an original and unique dissertation topic in sports psychology.

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