Get Up-To-Date History Dissertation Topics: Comparing Current And Past Events

Your choice of a history dissertation topic should be based on three elements namely, your interests, your intellectual strengths and resources at your disposal. Further, you must choose a topic that allows you to place your argument accurately and thus make worthwhile contributions in the academic circles.

How to Make the Choices

  • While coming up with a topic, you may want to consider the following steps:
  • Brainstorm all the ideas on topics of your interests
  • Short list the topics based on your interests, resources and academic strengths
  • Research on the short listed topics and identify any gaps in literature
  • Narrow down to a specific topic

Importance of Comparing Current and Past Events

You may want to compare current and past events when coming up with a topic. Focusing on current events aids you to you remain relevant to your readers. At the same time, past events may have a link to the current events and may actually show some progression of events.

By comparing the current and past events, you will have a chance to opt for a topic that is unique, original and that enables you to contribute to the field. More so, such a topic may have a lot of information from the newspapers and other publications. This means that you will not waste time to find the relevant materials when writing.

Suggestions Worth Considering

If you are having issues setting for a specific topic, here are some worthwhile suggestions:

  1. Role of women during the Crimean wars and their role in the modern civil wars
  2. The impact of Words by the famous leaders during war and the words of the leaders in the contemporary world during similar events
  3. History of Gaza strip and how past events are related to the current issues in the region
  4. Role female leaders in Britain in the present and in the past
  5. Why the history between china and Tibet is volatile
  6. The role of Immigration of people to the urban centers in the past and in the present
  7. Nazism in the past and in the present
  8. Existing communist ideologies in the modern world
  9. The Relationship between Chinese rise to power in the modern world and the cold war
  10. The great depression and recession in the United States.

Ultimately, after choosing the right topic, you will realize that completing a dissertation will be easy.

Writing Help

It is important that you spend as much time as you need to on this paper, however, take some time away to where you will not overload your mind to the point of exhaustion. Below are some trick to help you save some time and energy.