E-Learning Survey
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  E-Learning Survey  
Mile Hi Council is working to provide information to our volunteers at their fingertips. To do this, we will be working on creating “refresher chunks” of information that will be delivered in a variety of formats. Although information will continue to be provided through the council Web site in traditional format, we are interested in providing information through other avenues, such as “podcasts” (information downloadable to ipods and other MP3 players), audio CDs, interactive Power Point presentations and “Webinars” (seminars on the Web). Help us know where to begin. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

If you could have refresher Girl Scout information to take with you throughout your busy day and listen to while in the car or doing other activities, what types of information would you like?
Please select all that apply.
For step-by-step information that you could access on the Mile Hi Council Web site, what topics would you like?
Please indicate all choices that you are interested in.
We would like to make training available to volunteers online. This is in the research stage right now, and we need your preferences to help us develop our strategic plan for training. Please indicate your preferences for online training.
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